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Frequently and recently asked questions and answers about Z CLEAN.

How do I dispose of Z CLEAN?
Dispose of Z CLEAN in the same way as the resin you use.
Can I use Z CLEAN alone? Does it need mixing with anything else?
Basically, you can use Z CLEAN alone. However, depending on molding methods, mixing with other resins (succeeding resin) might be rather more effective. For further details, contact us.
How do I apply Z CLEAN to a hot-runner mold?
Almost all grades are applicable to a hot-runner mold except some. For details, please access Directions> For a hot-runner injection molding machine.
Altough it is likely that a general purge agent is left inside machines, how about Z CLEAN?
As Z CLEAN includes no might that cause remains such as inorganic fillers, the agent can be rapidly replaced by succeeding resin. This smooth replacement is the greatest merit of Z CLEAN.
Can I easily peel Z CLEAN off after screw removal?
Z CLEAN has a property of peeling readily with metal.
What if I exceed the operating temperature?
It is considered that the base resin and/or the additive might be decomposed. Smoke might be emitted as well. Use Z CLEAN in the suitable temperature range.
Is Z CLEAN recognized as a safe purging agent?
Yes, it is. Because no toxic gas is generated and little odor is produced. Z CLEAN meets the "Standards and Specifications for Foods, Food Additives, etc." (Notification No.370, by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1959).