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Operating procedures for each application.


We arrange the Material Data Sheets (MSDS) for each grade. Please refer to the sheets carefully.
If you do not have any, contact us.
Strictly observe the range of temperature
Use in the suitable temperature range.
Only for cleaning
Z CLEAN is designated for cleaning plastic molding machines.
Z CLEAN is not edible, and do not use other purposes.
Safety precautions
  • In case of cleaning at high temperature, wear protective equipments to ensure your own safety. Keep your face away from any nozzles and dies.
  • Installation of local exhaust ventilation is recommended. Smoke may be emitted under the high temperature although it is nontoxic.
  • Purged clumps need cooling completely with buckets of water in order to avoid unexpected hazards.
Disposal precautions
  • Z CLEAN waste can be disposed of by incineration or in landfills.
  • Z CLEAN waste can be incinerated by an incinerator according to the Air Pollution Control Law.
  • Z CLEAN waste can be disposed of in landfills according to the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law.
Other cautions
  • Increase the rotation speed of screw gradually controlling the motor load and resin pressure carefully when Z CLEAN is applied to an extruder and so on.
  • For an extruder, successive cleaning is possible without removing any screen packs for the cases below:
    • S28 and E series: Up to 200 meshes
    • S50 and S60: Up to 100 meshes
    For S29, remove SP before use
  • When Z CLEAN is applied to film, please contact us in advance.
  • Sewing with a machine or sealing with craft tape is required to avoid exposure to air and to prevent from contaminations after use.
  • In case of wet, dry before use.