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Directions [For an injection molding machine]

Directions [For an injection molding machine]

End of previous process

  • Remove preceding resin from the hopper and discharge inside the cylinder.


  • It is not necessary to change the molding temperature of preceding resin if the right temperature range for Z CLEAN is kept.
  • Detach the nozzle from the mold.
  • If dry color is used, clean the hopper thoroughly.

Z CLEAN Charge

  • The standard consumption ranges from 3 to 5 shots. (varies according to the color state)

Injection purge by Z CLEAN

  • A higher injection speed enhances the cleaning effect. In case of an open nozzle, a backpressure purge (*) also enhances its effect.
  • If the molding temperature of following resin is lower than that of preceding resin, heighten the temperature while purging, and vice versa.

Backpressure purge is a way of successive extrusion of Z CLEAN by measurement of backward pressure.

Succeeding resin charge

  • Set the suitable temperature for succeeding resin.

Injection purge by succeeding resin

  • Replace Z CLEAN with succeeding resin.

Check of the molded form

End of cleaning process

Estimated consumption of Z CLEAN
Mold clamping force
80 200 650 1300
0.4~0.8 1.0~2.0 2.0~4.0 4.0~8.0